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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Beşiktaş file appeal for annulment of the Fenerbahçe match.

Beşiktaş has appealed to the Turkish Football Federation to annul the result of the week 30 match between them and Fenerbahçe. Beşiktaş has accused Fenerbahçe of violating rules as it pertains to Fenerbahçe defender Fabio Bilica's digging of the penalty spot during the 64th minute of the match, in which Beşiktaş was awarded a penalty. Beşiktaş has noted that Bilica's actions violated the spirit of fair play. Beşiktaş has also claimed that Bilica violated the 22nd and 24th provisions of the TFF code, which means that Fenerbahçe would automatically be declared the losing side.

Now regardless of Bilica's idiocy, I think this has to fall on referee Huseyin Gocek's shoulders. Gocek could clearly see that Bilica was digging a divot in the penalty spot, and yet did nothing about it. Bilica had already gotten a yellow for taking down Ugur Inceman in the box, so Bilica should have been sent off as he should have gotten a second yellow in succession. Now it isn't as if this hasn't happened before. I can remember a match in Major League Soccer some time back where a player for the Columbus Crew made a divot on the penalty spot in order to make the opposing spot kick taker miss. It worked. So I don't blame Bilica for trying to keep the advantage for his team. What I have a problem with is Bilica's blatant actions.

I highly doubt that the TFF would even bother with this case. It seems like such a non-issue. However, if the rules have been violated then Fenerbahçe, and Bilica, should be punished for it. Whether the TFF will take up the case is a different story altogether.


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