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Monday, February 28, 2011

Infighting at Galatasaray?

With Galatasaray having their worst season in Turkish top flight football, it seems that it can't seem to get any worse for them. Perhaps they haven't gone low enough yet in their season of futility. Galatasaray has now had to deal with some recent fights between teammates, with both fights involving Milan Baros. The Turkish sports media reported that Baros had fights with Emmanuel Culio and Juan Pablo Pino.

The first fight occurred after the 3-1 loss Galatasaray suffered at the hands of Istanbul Büyükşehir Belediyespor. After the match was over, Baros was complaining that he wasn't being fed the ball enough from the midfield. The target of Baros' ire was Culio. In the locker room after the match, words were exchanged, Baros reportedly punched Culio in the face and the two had to be pulled apart by teammates. This shocked the other players in the locker room. It was later revealed that Galatasaray club chairman Adnan Polat was angry at the situation.

As if that wasn't enough, Baros would then get into another fight. This time it was at a training session this past Sunday at the Metin Oktay training facilities, and Baros and Pino got into a scuffle. After the fisticuffs, Pino left the training ground and went home.

With the reports circulating of fights between teammates at Galatasaray, Culio, Baros, and Pino came on Turkish sports channel NTV Spor in order to clear the air as to what had happened. The cblub had put out a press statement beforehand that the media was basically lying about the whole thing, and blowing things completely out of proportion.

Baros quickly denied that he had attacked any player. He said that he was angry at the team and not the players, and said that "what they write in the paper is totally bull----". He went on to say that the media is spreading a lot of lies and that while he respects the media; he was disappointed that the media reported on what wasn't true.

Culio also denied the reports of a fight between him and Baros. Initially, he said that his face was proof that the stories released by the Turkish sports media were lies, as the camera could zoom in on his face and people can judge whether he was punched or not. Culio said that it was normal to feel frustration after a loss and that there were no problems between him and Baros. Baros was tense and so was he, Culio went onto say. Culio then said that he tried to calm Baros down and that there was nothing else they could do.

Pino also denied the reports of him having a fight with Baros. Pino said that when things are going bad, reports like this can come at anytime. He went on to say that he didn't get into a fight with any of his teammates or have any problems with them. Pino said the reason he left the training ground early was that he wasn't feeling well. He went on to say that he was feeling sick before training started and asked permission of manager Gheorghe Hagi in order to leave the training grounds early. The request was granted, and Pino went home and rested.

Whether the media reports, or what the players say, is true or not, it looks like Galatasaray is a soap opera. Their fans are definitely tired of how the team has performed this season. It seems as though it can't get any worse for Galatasaray. Then again, considering that the season is almost 2/3rd of the way finished, it might.

Link to the interview with NTV Spor between Culio, Pino, and Baros: http://www.ntvspor.net/video-galeri/baros-culio-ve-pino-konustu

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  1. I hope Galatasaray can get their act together or is it too late since we are not even in the top 5?